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Speculation: Ripple and IBM?

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This is highly speculative but:

1. Tweet from Larsen regarding comments by John Wolpert, IBM's Global Blockchain Offering Director:

2. Quotes from Coindesk IBM Director Declares 'We’re All in on Blockchain'

"John Wolpert gave an overview of IBM’s thesis on the technology, labeling blockchain projects such as bitcoin and Ethereum as "first generation" versions of a concept that he believes suffer from deficiencies, both in technology and vision, that will hold back their ability to appeal to businesses."

"It has to be immutable and modular," he said. "I can’t be this is the consensus algorithm, this is the token, all of that has to be modular. It has to be scalable. Interledger-ing is important. You have to inter-op between chains and different things."


Perhaps he meant using Hyperledger as the interledger, but perhaps he means ILP...

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I started digging for more on hyperledger partners, and initially late last year, it seemed positioned as a challenger to the work that's already been done with the WWW consortium and Ripple, with references to SWIFT and lip service to "open source", etc to try to make it appealing to the technology community.  http://www.bankingtech.com/414612/industry-backs-linux-foundation-open-source-hyperledger-project/

However, this more recent article acknowledges contributions from Ripple:  https://www.ibtimes.co.uk/linux-foundations-hyperledger-project-trumpets-code-contributions-across-30-founder-members-1542803

Reading the first article (from December), it was almost as if an industry group had formed and said "yes, we need open source and standards", but "no, we won't include any potential competitors that have figured this out already and done groundbreaking work with the WWW consortium". 

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