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AIO 'All In One'Coin ICO


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So I stumbled across this the other day and though the premise was quite interesting: 


It's basically a coin that allows you to hedge you bets across the top 10 coins in the market - essentially given you an average cost of the top ten per 1 AIO.

The buy in rate is currently $1 to 1 AIO, with a minimum of $50 required.  

I've never been involved with any type of ICO before given the high risk nature... but 50 bucks seems like an innocent punt for something that could be quite profitable.

Would be curious for thoughts on whether it looks like a rip or not.

 Direct link here: 


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Seems to be like an index fund but would this not end up being a security as defined by SEC and therefore an raise concerns for regulars to review?

if you want to invest like that just buy 10 coins and hold...as it will allow flexibility  if you don't like updated news on a certain coin you can drop it and shift it to the other coins you like

you might as well just buy bitcoin because without significant news most of the cryptos move with bitcoin anyway at the moment or just be like me a stick to XRP.

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