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Best way to buy in New Zealand


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Hi there

I'm thinking of taking the plunge into this and was wondering what's the best way to buy XRP from NZ?

I realise there's services like BitPrime that recently launched, but by my calculations they charge a 5.XX% on all transactions. That really adds up if you are moving higher $!

Right now I'm thinking to go the Gatehub route, i.e. international wire from my NZ bank to Gatehub (absorbing the NZ bank fee, exchange rate and Gatehub fee).

Anyone got any other suggestions? 

By the way I'm still waiting for Gatehub verification. Wallet is still not active. Am I able to activate wallet via Bithomp prior to verification?

Thanks in advance,

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Kia ora bro. 

BitPrime does seem a bit over the odds for Ripple at least - right now it's NZ .37 which equates to AU .33.5 - but the AU rate (on BTC Markets) is .30, so it's more than 10% overpriced.

I'd suggest starting by looking for someone in NZ who will let you buy Bitcoin with NZD, then join an OS exchange and you can then trade your Bitcoin into XRP. Often ID is a big problem to joining though so not sure how that will go. I say get all your memberships in line before buying anything so at least you won't be caught holding coins you want to get rid of and can't.

Poloniex, Bitstamp and Kraken are the highest traffic exchanges, otherwise you can use sites like shapeshift.io to convert BTC to XRP - but I've never used these conversion sites. Every step along the way they'll eat into your coin though...

Keep up with prices on https://cryptowat.ch

Reddit seems to have a few threads from Kiwi's looking to get into cryptos so take a good look there.

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Kio ora bro.

Cool. Thanks for the tip. I heard that one can buy btc from lykke so I'm going to try buy btc from there, transfer to XRP using gatehub or shapeshift (haven't worked out which is cheaper yet...).

Still waiting for my gatehub account verification though. Any idea how long it takes? Does one need to be verified before I can transfer BTC or XRP to my gatehub wallet?

Just checked my gatehub wallet and it says my gateways are pending... zzzz

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Ask Flashfx what they can do for you....   Buying USD through them on Bitstanp is by far the best way I've found.  If you only buy little bits you really need to watch the fees don't eat it all.  Don't know if they can help but I did see they were considering taking NZD earlier.

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