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GATEHUB---How (un)happy are you with the level of real support /ignore from the Gatehub employees & management?


GATEHUB---How (un)happy are you with the level of real support /ignore from the Gatehub employees & management?  

45 members have voted

  1. 1. How quickly did you receive feedback on your questions / issues?

    • 1-72 hours
    • 73 hours - 1 week
    • 1 week - 3 weeks
    • more than 3 weeks
  2. 2. How often is your problem solved after the first email?

    • never
    • some of the times
    • always
  3. 3. How would you rate the level of Gatehub support compared with other Exchanges / Gateways?

    • Much better
    • Much worse
    • The same

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Dear all,  I made this poll so trying  to understand more in-depth about the level of support provided by Gatehub compared with other Gateways/Exchanges.

Please be so kind and take 1 minute to answer.

Thank you.

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In order that the results reflect reality and are not influenced in anyvway, please vote as many as possible.

The philosophy behind bitcoin was to eliminate counterparty risk and dependency of middleman inefficiencies (expressed in money / cost and time).

Polls as such are regularly done by companies themselves, but I guess we can do it for them as well :)).

Have we already forgotten all this? I really hope not, or it will be really sad if richness has blinded us already.

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I only ever emailed them once about an issue.  They never responded.  That was a few months ago.  I did not send followups, I took their silence as an acknowledgment of the issue and that they would resolve it.  I've moved almost everything to a cold wallet anyway so I'm not overly concerned for myself, but maybe a bit for others. 

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Support is terrible, took over a week to get the trust lines established to transfer funds via flashfx.

More importantly... moving fiat from gatehub to another exchange (bitstamp) incurs a 2% penalty.

Worse still... the trading volumes are too low and often the price is significantly more than market rate across all asset classes... some worse than others.  Yesterday ETH was +16USD higher and XRP .01 - 01.8 USD higher compared to bitstamp.  I'll keep an account active there if things improve, I like the layout and design but the trading volumes is the real issue for mine.

I completed the KYC on bitstamp yesterday, took 4 hours to be verified... now that's service.

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