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RippleNet Countries


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I thought I would pass this along.  I think most of this is already known, but I had never come across this on Ripple's website (https://ripple.com/ripplenet-advisory-board/) before.  And I did not see this posted elsewhere on the forum.


If the map is an accurate reflection of the current state of affairs, RippleNet is in the following areas:

  • Australia
  • China
  • EU
  • India
  • Japan
  • Thailand
  • UAE
  • USA
  • UK
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13 minutes ago, Niall said:

They need to get a footprint in Latin America and Africa. Those continents will benefit hugely from Ripple. 

Alrerady, http://www.livebitcoinnews.com/bbva-bridges-europe-mexico-payment-corridor-ripple-technology/


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9 hours ago, velmet said:

OK, so what does the dot in the ocean near Australia or Alaska mean? Are those some kind of underwater secure facilities to run rippled servers. Perhaps some lairs of Dr. Evil?


They are moving from Dirt (DRT) to XRP!


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