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What is the best exchange for my XRP needs?


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So i have been trying to find a decent exchange for a while now. 

When i first started looking to invest in ripple i did some "top exchange" searches and some "how to buy ripple" searches. 

I posted some threads on reddit.. and even a complete tutorial i followed was a step y step how to buy ripple.. and every one

of these told me to use COINBASE... I was like ok. and i tried it. it worked. it required a little more information than i liked

but from what i understood the prices were fair. So i used it for a couple of weeks until i decided to do a Bank account transfer which took 8 days.

then i complained about it and someone said. "why are you using COINBASE?" use Kraken or Polo they dont charge as much, coinbase sucks, ect. "


So i looked into kraken and the overall layout of the site is horrid. very non user friendly but i felt i could learn to use it in time.. then i started the

verification process which has already taken 4 days and i still cant do anything on it because im not verified yet. I can exchange other crypto for riipple

but that just means i again have to buy another currency and pay that fee..the exchange fee and another fee.. ugh. 


Then i looked into kraken and saw more posts saying "why are you using an exchange that requires identity verification?"

so it seems like every time i find a new exchange.. im doing something wrong.. im paying too much or giving away too much information. 




So what i am looking for is to be able to do 3 main things without needing a lot of identification verification. 

1. I want to be able to use my credit card or bank account (not that 8 day nonsense like coinbase) to buy ripple directly.

2. I want to be able to transfer that ripple directly to my paper wallet. 

3. I need to be able to transfer large amounts (5 figure) back to my bank account.


bonus.. a nice user interface would be a plus.. but not required. 

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Top Posters In This Topic

1 hour ago, jdimstrnate said:

I like bittrex. I do not like gatehub which i am still waiting on a usd wallet for. Been a month.....

bittrex does not appear to have a card option or even a USD option for that matter. only a USD

1 hour ago, Max Entropy said:

Kraken... not sure about credit card support

this is actually the exact opposite of what im looking for. As stated i was already using kraken and aside from waiting for 5 days for 2 stage verification its other drawbacks is it doesnt support credit cards. and the UI is terrible. 

1 hour ago, ahmadderar said:

your question answer in this article (follow this article and you can buy Ripple XRP instantly with your Credit/Debit Card without verification)


This is interesting... i didnt know this was an option on changelly.. im already using it.. what are the fees do you know?

32 minutes ago, Rhaegar said:

Bitstamp or Trojan

will look into bitstamp.. not sure about this trojan.. lol. 

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1 hour ago, ahmadderar said:

your question answer in this article (follow this article and you can buy Ripple XRP instantly with your Credit/Debit Card without verification)


WOAH... omg.. this is terrible... a 50 dollar at current price should be around 224.2 ripple-ish (ripple at .225)

The amount you would get from buying it on changelly for 50 dollars is 128 lolol.. thats a 96 ripple fee


and almost 700 ripple fee on a 500 transaction

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ugh this is so terrible.. everything requires identification and proof of residence.. like seriously... im not hiding my identity for any specific reason but i just want to buy some freaking ripple with a card without paying astronomical fees or being required to subject myself to possible identity theft. 

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Disclosure -- I am no expert and only a novice at this, but......

Based on what you are asking, it depends on what you are willing to give in on.

I have used Coinbase.  I think it is fine.  I have used Bittrex, also think it is fine.

I decided on Gatehub for the sort of thing that you are asking about just for ease of use., but to make wire transfers you will have to give in on identity confirmation.  There will always be someone who will tell you how stupid it is, though.  It takes a while to get confirmed at Gatehub, but you can set up wire transfer with your bank and move whatever amount you want within limits.  There is a wire transfer fee and a small fee at Gatehub as well, but this is relatively small in comparison to the amount you transfer, if it is large.  I tried a $100 transfer to make sure that things worked fine to start; it is definitely not financially feasible to work in such small sums, then I converted the money transfer to XRP in seconds (once I figured out the process). The exchange rate is not the absolute best at Gatehub, but I think it is acceptable considering the exchange/transfer/etc fees with other options.

I have no idea if this is the best option, but it has worked for me.  I have not compared one vs another possibility, but I did have the feeling using the Coinbase, buying a small amount of Bitcoin, converting to XRP with Changelly approach - that I was losing out quite a bit.

With wire transfers I know exactly how much I am losing in the bank transfer fee and how much Gatehub charges.

I have found the wire transfer method to take only one day though I understand it may take longer.  It is not as immediate as using a credit card, but the limit you can buy is much higher.  ACH transfers, on the other hand, have taken 7-8 days on average.

Not sure any of that will help, but that has been my experience so far.




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I have, or did have, the exact same thoughts and issues.  Eventually trying to buy XRP in $100 lots once a week broke me down and I ended up giving all my ID to every man and his dog that I met in my crypto travels.

Admittedly the reason this is hard is the same reason it's worth getting XRP...   it's early days.   :)

Anyway here was my solution while I was still willing to pay 5% more than easier ways but without needing to provide ID...

On 19 July 2017 at 3:52 PM, Tinyaccount said:

I should update how I went... in case anyone else is in the same boat.

In Australia (and elsewhere I think...) the exchanges want photos of your ID.  I'm not comfortable doing that because of Identity Theft risk.  (Website could be hacked... operators could be crooks, employees might sell ID details... etc)

I found you don't need to supply ID other than Name and Mobile Number.  Also the BTC wallet I created on phone wasn't needed because the online BTC wallets handle that for the short period you have bitcoin.

So I have now got a tiny foot in the XRP world by (from memory so you might need to tweak this a tad...)

(Note:   Bitcoin BTC is now called XBT)

(Also...  make sure you enable 2 factor auth on any accounts you create)

  1. Created a ripple wallet to hold XRP
  2. Create a Kraken account and verify id by giving mobile number and your name.
  3. Create a localbitcoins account.
  4. Withdrew Aussie cash from bank.
  5. Go to localbitcoins.com and find a seller who accepts cash deposits into his bank account.  (The rates here seemed about 5-7% above actual BTC cost.)
  6. Start the localbitcoins trade and follow sellers instructions... in my case it was deposit, write a message on the receipt, photo it and upload to site.
  7. Seller releases bitcoins to your localbitcoins online wallet.
  8. In Kraken go to funding and grab the funding bitcoin wallet address
  9. In locabitcoin transfer your bitcoin balance to the Kraken wallet address
  10. Wait a looooong time while Bitcoin ledgers gradually confirm....    (XRP is waaay better..   :)  )
  11. Once the BTC is there in your Kraken wallet do a trade from XBT (bitcoin) to XRP (ripple) (you might want to watch the XBT/XRP charts to pick a good moment...)
  12. Wait till that settles and your balance is now XRP instead of the original XBT
  13. On Kraken Withdraw tab add in your Ripple Wallet public address
  14. Maybe do a trial move of 50 XRP to the final Ripple Wallet to activate it and test things out...
  15. Use the Ripple tools around the place to check out your Ripple wallet balance so your sure its working ok
  16. Redo step 13 to transfer the rest of your Kraken XRP into the final wallet
  17. Wish you had more money to invest in this thing but at least you have a tiny piece of the action...  :)

How do you sell it after you find you need the money?  Dunno.  I hope to wait for a few years and by then it might be easy...

Thanks to all those on here who have given their knowledge to us all and helped along the way.


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Bittrex has funky rules:

  • can not transfer XRP between Bittrex accounts
  • they claim you need .01BAT before you can send BAT to that account, however, you do send it takes say 5 minutes and it goes to Pending then. Then later at some unspecified time it is accredited to the destination account.
  • i do not think there is a street address for the company. I recall they say it is US based,

it does seem as professional as Kraken.

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