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How to identify what I stored from 2013?


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Hello, I signed up for XRP back in 2013, prior to the client being available. I haven't created an account in all these years, in part because I can't figure out what I stored. I have an alphanumeric string that's 30 characters long. Its first two characters are "sa" (I'm keeping the rest private for obvious reasons). I thought it might be a private key, but when I download Xrp Chat Wallet and try to "Create account with secret key" it doesn't accept it (red outline on form field).

I also have what might be a password, but I'm not sure (it's two words, in English, but not anything I would usually create as a password).

How might I identify what this is, and whether or not it will connect me to the account I originally signed up for? Thanks!

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Ok, I think I have it. I think what I stored was a "human seed" or "master seed" as given on this page: https://wiki.ripple.com/Account_Family

It appears my account was never actually entered with a balance on the network, so it's worth nothing. But hey, it was fun to imagine I might have left something in a crypto wallet somewhere :)

In case anyone would like to confirm for a newb, the account ID generated from the master seed is r9FjtFFzdVny4asKfQMWyUy9vp48XKscGA

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Sorry, as you say...    it is not activated...  has no XRP in it.    https://bithomp.com/explorer/

But XRP is still low....  In a few days weeks or months it will be a lot higher....  so buy now and get the gain.

Or loose everything..... :).   but I honestly don't believe that...  I have advised my family to buy. Do some research and come to a conclusion for yourself.  Good luck to you sir.

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