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Minimalist Ripple Client question?


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Hi Folks,

I have using the minimalist ripple client and have good luck with it.  (BTW,  I am not using this on Apple-based browsers/platforms, so I do not have security issues)

You can view the client here:  https://jatchili.github.io/minimalist-ripple-client/

I do have a question regarding the "Trade" function with the client.

How do you make a "Sell" offer?? 

I am able to make a "Buy" offer on XRP / USD/Bitstamp trading pair by doing this:

100 (Takerpays amount)
XRP (Takerpays CUR/Issuer)
20.00 (Takergets amount)
USD/rxxxx (Takergets CUR/Issuer)

In the above example, this creates a Buy offer for 100 XRP for $20.00 USD/Bitstamp at 0.20 each.

How would I create a "Sell" offer for my 100 XRP to sell for 25.00 USD/Bitstamp at 0.25 each? 

I have tried different configurations with those 4 fields, but no luck, or maybe I am missing a symbol??  Any help would be great!!!

Thanks in advance!

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