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I think there will be a correction, but not necessarily a huge one - by crypto standards, anyway. I can see a pullback of $1000 - $2000 happening before a massive bull run over $10K. In early July I published my predictions on my Youtube channel for crypto prices for the end of the year and the price action isn't proving me wrong so far. This was before the fork when BTC was worth $2500 or so and people were saying it would go down in price:

Predictions for end 2017 in USD (stated on 10/7),

BTC: $6K

ETH: $1K

XRP: $1.10

LTC: $350

Silver: $30

Gold: I think I said $1500?

I'm also itching to invest in EOS, 0x and Pillar and think they will do well next year.


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It's generally unpredictable, I think. But once xrp gains real world usage say SBI goes alive, it will be less affected by Bitcoin.

BTW, what do you guys think of iOTA? Is it just another S*** coin or has long term potential like xrp in the early 2014? 

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