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% of your portfolio?

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I'm just curious, what % of your crypto portfolio is composed of XRP? i am near 100%, but i know i should be diversified (don't put all your eggs in one basket, etc). i will most likely diversify once the october pump comes to spread out my risk (maybe even wait until q4 is done), but for now, i'm comfortable with this %. after all the dollar cost averaging, i basically got in xrp at 12 cents, so i'm not crying over these recent pump and dumps.

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XRP is by far my favorite coin, but for me it's boring to only have one, especially since there are so many good projects out there. That's why XRP is about 40% of my portfolio, with the other 60% spread out to about 10 solid coins. Most of them I try to sell high and rebuy low, it's fun :)

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