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Microsoft Announces the COCO Framework

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I saw this a couple of days ago -- downloaded the whitepaper from Github. This is an interesting framework. I have to give MSFT some credit here --- this is a well thought out approach - to date. The first real code  (open source) is not scheduled for initial release until 2018. But this framework is directed toward business centric blockchain apps running on permissioned or semi-permissioned networks. The concept of "trustless" transactions is not abandoned, but MSFT has put forth a solid paradyme to reduce the redundant, performance inhibiting aspects of it and still have that network with the ability to "cut-out" a rogue or compromised nodes on the fly. I may be off-base here -- but I read through the whitepaper and the first thing that hit me was IOT apps that need to make or receive payments (ala XRP :-) ). Anyway, the URL link includes the embedded links to Github to view/download the whitepaper. They highlight Corda, Hyperledger, Quorum, etc.  There is also a close partnership referred to with Intel and their SGX architecture (Software Guard Extensions). A lot of good info.


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