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Ok so I just tried to deposit USD into Bitstamp. My plan was to deposit $1750, but of course when I went to my bank to make the wire transfer, they only permitted me to deposit $1000 and also took a $30 fee, so they are estimating the total transfer amount that Bitstamp will receive will be $970.

I've alerted Bitstamp to this but just wanted to check here and make sure there would be no issues? I can't imagine there would be an issue since no matter what the amount of a wire transfer is unlikely to ever be exact due to fees anyway.

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Nevermind, I figured that out.

Now I'm trying to withdraw to my Rippex Wallet but Bitstamp is asking me for a 2-party verification code. I tried using the one they gave me when I made the deposit, but that's not working. Where am I supposed to get this code?

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Just now, kenrino said:

No idea.

Bitstamp is a safe exchange, leave your coins there until you figure how everything work (you can also enable 2FA).

And remember Rippex is only as safe as your computer is.

Figured it out! Needed to go back into Google Authenticator and get the new code. Sheesh, this sure ain't easy!

Re: wallets, yes I'm just using it for the time being until I get my Ledger Nano S on Friday. Thx for the heads up tho

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