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Please help me with Gatehub


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Hello everyone,

I have new to xrp and gatehub so please excuse my ignorance.

Gatehub finally enabled my wallet after emailing them, I need to set up trust lines. when I go to set up a trust line for a specific currency it says I need to enter a ripple address...

Can someone please tell me what this address is and where do I find it?? All I want to do is to send bitcoin to my gatehub so I can  buy ripple.

Please help!!

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Top Posters In This Topic

having a similar problem.... was able to open a gatehub account.... and an XRP wallet with a zero balance. 

then i opened a gatehub 5th wallet and moved in 5 ETH 

how do i then sell ETH - or transfer anything into the XRP wallet?

it seems I can only by XRP in XRP wallet - but I have no option moving $, BTC, or ETH in to fund it?  

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