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I was drawn to this post because I was unaware of any Paypal method of buying XRP.   So unfortunately it looks like that is still the case. :)

I do know that Bitstamp will accept a credit card deposit.  Three hurdles to jump though.....  you must provide ID to Bitstamp, you will need to provide ID (can use the same photos) to Simplex (their credit card intermediary), and lastly.....  FEES...  the whole thing can cost around 10%.    (Also the first time will take around 24 hours all up to be verified by both)

But it is very convenient....   so each pay I intend to take 50$ and loose $5 in fees :( but gain some more XRP.    :) 

If the price rises long term like I think it will the 10% won't amount to a hill of beans.   :) 

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Yes, seems like bithomp removed paypal option for now. There are lots of other options:

Buy XRP with a credit card on changelly (bad exchange rate but ok to start).

Buy bitcoin on coinbase with a credit card and convert to XRP using any website exchange (Shapeshift, Bittrex...).

Buy on bitstamp with a credit card or bank transfer, Kraken (bank transfer only), gatehub (bank transfer only).

Buy btc on virwox with paypal...

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