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Does XRP price affect chances of deals?

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In a recent article on Coindesk (https://www.coindesk.com/hints-rumors-ripple-might-really-enter-china/) it is said that "it would make sense to keep quiet ... to avoid a speculative frenzy that would push up the price of the token, which could in turn affect the terms of any deal."

I decided to download Ripple's "The Cost-Cutting Case for Banks" (https://ripple.com/files/xrp_cost_model_paper.pdf) and read it. I can recommend it to anyone. It compares how cross-border payment processing works in legacy systems versus on Ripple, and focuses on offering benefits of cost savings and collateral elimination to all corners of the global financial system.

Page 5 of the PDF says that "The bank only needs enough XRP on hand to service its largest expected payment obligation."

Does this imply that a high XRP price affects chances of deals in a negative way - at least at this stage?

What do you think?

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