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desktop wallet and Laptop failure


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I cant speak for all wallet software, but the general principle is that the wallet is really just software to do things with the Ripple Ledger.  It is dependent on the secret key at its heart.  So if you blow away a wallet and then fire up the software and enter the secret key you have recreated exactly the same thing you had before.  The secret key is its 'identity' .    Your XRP actually live in the Ripple ledger distributed across a number of servers.  Your 'wallet' just lets you make authorised transactions because it can encrypt them with your secret key....  so the Ripple ledger out in the world knows they are legit and will allow those XRP to move as per the transactions instructions.

So answers:

1.  install the wallet software on the different machine and then enter the secret key.  Bob is your uncle.

or in an exchange like Gatehub...  'Import' the secret key (type it in) and Bob is again your uncle.   (btw I wouldnt encourage this....   it means that an encrypted version of your secret key is now on Gatehub... and as good as their security is...  they are a bigger target for hackers than you are... so the key is more exposed.)

2.  Yep.   One thing about wallets though is that if they are offline they do not know the current transaction count number.  So you have to look at that online then enter it in if you want the wallet to make say offline transactions for transporting to a online pc with a wallet installed.  So if you have it on two different PCs then it is possible they have the wrong transaction id number so you will need to manually keep that in synch.  Its easy to do.

Hope that helps.

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Toast Wallet can be "synced" between devices. Once you're finished setting it up on one (and generating addresses etc.) just make a backup via the settings menu. Next install TW on another device, go through setup screens again there then restore your backup from the settings menu. Both of these wallets will now be able to access and view the same Ripple addresses you generated at the start.

You can also export your secrets from the accounts menu. Tap an account then tap Secret.

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