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Shocking graphic comparison of dotcom to crypto


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5 minutes ago, zerpdigger said:

something to note is that the dotcom bubble was mostly confined to north america, but had knock-on global effects

crypto is a global phenomenon and there are fewer barriers to entry for the most part

this is both exciting and concerning/scary -- be careful out there folks -- 99% of these coins are blatant scams and pyramid schemes

I used to think that getting accounts on exchanges and all the heartache that goes with it was a barrier to entry for newbies. I now realise that in many cases it is probably doing many a favour. Alot of newbies are responding to FOMO, they don't do their research properly and end up trying to buy what is being hyped at the moment. For some of these, not being able to get an account quickly might be just doing them a favour, unless they want to invest in XRP of course, in which case it is a major hindrance.

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