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Gatehub Wallet and transferring coin


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Hi all,


I have a couple of questions i hope  someone will be able to help with.

So as i understand it the Gatehub wallet is a Ripple wallet that can hold other coins also.

I have a Gatehub wallet -

1) a primary wallet that holds some Ripple, BTC( has trust line) and BCH (has trust line)

2) another wallet that hold some Ripple

My issue is i dont get how to transfer my BTC and BCH out of the Gatehub wallet to say, a cold wallet.

So i open the primary wallet

press send and the send popup box appears

a) use option  instant to send Ripple -  just enter Ripple Address

b)No option to send BCH in box - So is this coming or is the BCH forever trapped there?

c) Cliick BTC option and it   1) requests contact name - What is that? Optional? If not what do you put there?

                                                  2) you enter the BTC address you want to send to.

Can anyone clear these questions up for me? 

Any input much appreciated










No BCH...Contact name.jpg

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Oh and i believe XRP is going to go through the roof (or moon it asyasay) in the next year - 18 months if not sooner.

It is just having a long warm up before the starters gun goes off..................

Oh yeah........ Gotta be a Hodler with this one.........


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@ namini

Cheers for response.

Yep contact name is just who your sending it to.

I think you could leave it blank.

I never left it blank and entered the exchange name i was sending to and the contact name + BTC address was added to address book/drop down box.

So figured out. BTC has been transferred. YAY!


The BCH still remans the same as of today 

No option available.

You are probably correct re it being new and probably hasnt been added yet.

Gatehub was slow in crediting the BCH issue to BTC holders after the fork so it is probably the same situation.

Time will tell.



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SOLVED - i found this comment from Gatehub...

Dont know why i missed it previously but............


"  GateHub Fifth will give our users access to Bitcoin Cash (BCH) balances that correspond 1:1 to their BTC balances at the time of the fork.

Users will be able to set a trust line for BCH IOUs and then receive their corresponding amount of BCH. This will be done within a few days. Enabling BCH deposits and withdrawals is currently planned within a few weeks, but we don't have a hard deadline yet. We will keep you updated. 

Trading will be available immediately when ripple balances are credited.  "


YAY so the BCH is not forever trapped in Gatehub Wallet.......

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