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securing secret key


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This is more of a how to question than a problem.

I am planning to save my public key + secret key in a text file and then use Mac OS 's disk utility to create a disk image with 128 bit AES Encryption

I am assuming this is pretty secure. Even if someone gets there hands on the image. Is that a correct assumption. (worst case)

Then I could store it on a usb and back it up on my hard drive.

Could even upload it on a online drive if its really hard to crack.



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I'm not sure I see the advantage of doing that....  you still need a password for the image...  where are you going to keep that?  In a text file on another encrypted drive?  And its password is ....   :)

Maybe you have a good memory and a good algorithm to make a password out of something you can remember...   but most of us can't reliably do that.

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Write your secret key on a piece of paper, fold it up and swallow it! That way you're 100% guaranteed no one will ever see it again. You can do the same with a USB but it's much harder to swallow a USB.

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9 hours ago, strikerjax said:

well the same way we remember the password to our email or bank accounts!

The password to those types of things is generally short.  If you encrypt with a short password it's not secure.  So the problem becomes how do I remember a long multi-case password that has multiple non alphabet characters in it?

There are schemes to do that,  but that raises another issue....  What if you die or get brain damage?  Your loved ones won't have access to your cyptographic funds.

You could give them the secret but then all you have done is move the weakness somewhere else.

I think the fact is that these secrets are best treated like bearer bonds or cash.  They should be kept in a safe deposit box your family can access if your incapacitated, or hidden where they know how to find it.

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