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Financial Statement of XRP Value


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On 20/08/2017 at 0:12 AM, vrippled said:

Has anyone using Gatehub ever tried to attain a financial statement showing the net value of their XRP holdings?

My bank needs to verify the net value of my Ripple XRPs held currently in my Gatehub wallets as a financial asset.

Or perhaps gateways typically don't provide these kinds of statements? 

Who do u have ur gateway account with as gatehub guys are too lazy to respond i am not sure about bitstamp issuing the statements.

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 I deal with Swedbank ( a Swedish bank located here in Estonia)....around a month ago I was applying for a refinance for some real estate

I declared my XRP holdings. At the time they were .17 Euro....I questioned how they would value my XRP and as to how they classify the holding

in general terms she classified it a non-identifiable asset whose current book value  potentially could disappear in a twinkling...pretty close to her own words

Bottom Line...it was assessed as 20% times the holding to be included as allowable part asset.

I curiously asked how it would be valued had it been ethereum or  bitcoin,  and she indicated closer to 30  per cent  for either or..

So a highly discounted rate is seemingly applied by some banks you would think for crypto holdings as collateral 



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