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Video Tutorials for Creating and Using Ripple Accounts


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I put together a short collection of video tutorials for how to create a Ripple wallet, login, fund it, buy/sell, and send to other addresses.  Will add more regarding issuing your own tokens etc later.

Goal is to show how easy it can be without using any command lines or programming.  I even threw in a short segment on creating a cold wallet, even though it's practically the same thing.



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Ah...   I'm pretty sure not.  So you've done a screen walk through with text below pointing out stuff as you go.

I commend you on your helpfulness,  but I think these days with a three second attention span window.....    you won't get people using the tutorial unless you voice over it.  My feedback is that you need to jazz it up a bit...  it shouldn't be necessary but these days it is.


Thats just my two cents worth.

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