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***RULES*** Please read first


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A set of rules, but the most important, active people.

- search before asking, posting, adding...no double posting, we want to avoid the noise as much as possible
- be active, you're contribution is what makes all this possible...sorry, but, leechers will not stay member very long
- respect other culture, opinion, etc.. no Politics, Religion, Race or Sports discussion (Bar Rules no.1)
- be sensitive, not everyone has the same budget, same emotional discipline, and the same luck (we'll try to avoid luck in our investment, but it's still part of the chaos or trading)...

- no numbers, % only (at your discretion)...to avoid any quiproquo, you're in or out, you did good or not...be proud, don't brag!
- deadline to disclose...if you going in, let us know asap...we understand there's delay, you don't want to be exposed, but at the same time we're here to share
- put your money where you mouth is...if you're talk about something all the time and never go in, please explain

New topics
- only for new ticker, search first, double post will be removed
- title includes ticker and name ex. XRP - Ripple
- templates should be available for pretty much everything, follow the instruction, copy/paste the content and fill the blank

Not allowed
- financial disclosure...we want your personality, not the size of your portfolio
- direct advice...you can't tell someone to buy or sell
- promises...no need to explain

- jokes could be allowed, if you're sure you could tell it to your grandma, ma, kids, no matter what background they are and still think it's funny...but?
- stocks...yeah, the old thing...maybe in context?



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