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Bifinex stole my ripple


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Today I will tell you a little story.

Beginning in cryptocurrencies that I have been interested in for a few months, I decide to start and buy my first BTC with a small amount on the platform Kraken.
Friends are starting to tell me that Kraken is good but that Bitfinex is better for other coins.

We are then the 4th of August, to avoid all the mess with the hardfork, I decide to buy for 180 € Ripple on Kraken and then transfer them to my Wallet Bitfinex. Normal will you tell me?
Ripple has very low fees and transactions are very fast.

Then on Kraken I inform my Address, my TAG, I confirm by mail. Everything is fine I do my transaction and send my 180 € Ripple (~ 1500 XRP).

2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes .... I see my transaction go in "Succes" on Kraken but nothing on Bitfinex. 1 hour, 2 hours, I decide to contact the Support of Kraken and Bitfinex.
Kraken answers me in 10 minutes and that everything is good on their side (logic) and that the worry comes from Bitfinex.

First ticket :


To date, after 8 emails, with screens, explanations, interventions on Twitter for Bitfinex, I had no answer. If an answer, funny enough see for yourself.


So Bitfinex stole me for 180 € from Ripple
Cryptocurrency are not safe

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I wrote an ticket for you :banana:


Hello support

I've got an issue by an XRP deposit from Kraken to Bitfinex.

Transaction hash: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
TAG: xxxxxx

The XRP don't show up in my account since 10 days. Please help me


1. make New Ticket on Bitfinex

2. Enter the correct transaktion hash and Tag

3. Send

4. Enjoy like a real Zerpian :bb:


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Kraken has good to great (I will add excellent) support...it may be slow, if things are busy.

Kraken is trust worthy.

Kraken software services... for many reasons are better than other exchanges.

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I will have more experience with Kraken than you will...

... and I will have more technical and business analytical skills.


Kraken is the best exchange in the space.

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