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1 hour ago, 1911Falcon said:

In his position at the company he works for he's limited on what he can say/do I'm sure. I just say an opinion from a 13 year veteran in the industry is nothing to buck my friend.

You surely don't need to divulge his position nor company, but a little more basis as to why he has this prediction may substantiate it a bit more.  Otherwise, tbh, this thread is quite useless.

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12 minutes ago, BDXRP said:

Buy when others fear.

There's a lot of truth to this statement!  I wish I'd gotten into the stock market after it lost 50% of its value back in 2008-9, but when fear rules the day and people are panicking, its difficult to have the fortitude to make a bet on an investment - even one that you know is legit!  :yes3:

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2 hours ago, 1911Falcon said:

If you're like me you're needing some good news today.

I was just chatting with a cryptomaniac and business transformation consulting expert with more than 13 years of research experience in strategically leveraging on exponential technologies and digital platforms to attain a sustainable competitive advantage in Blockchain (cryptoeconomics), Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), etc.

His statement to me was November is going to be a huge month for Ripple and XRP ..

Thanks to him my evening just got a lot better. 


just wondering.. why november?

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Honestly if banks do use xrp then this is going to be bigger than Google, Apple Facebook, Netflix and Amazon combined... My prediction is ripple will be worth 18 trillion at some point... So for that to happen it's gotta be worth more than 400+...time will tell....

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