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Best cheap long shot Cryptos to invest in?

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Looking for some opinions :)

If I wanted to invest $100 each into 5 or 10 cheap Cryptos ... put them away and check back in 2-5 years .. what are the best long shots out there ?

Love to get into one of those .0002 per coin early chancers :) (I came to XRP at .15-.18 range ... so ok but not the bottom)

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I stumbled on SmartSE today, and it seems interesting


They're currently having a presale. I kind of like the concept. It seems reasonable, profitable and doable in regards to the idea and execution. I need to look into it a bit more.

I would love to get in on this sale but have no money at the moment. I'm all tied up in XRP, which I'm very hesitant to sell.

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I heard of this great company that is trying to make their coin the defacto settlement asset of the banking world and is focusing on remittance and cross boarder, again via banking.

Seems to have a great team team and already has partners engaged in their product. Just started hiring for China!

VRP, GRP, XRP something. Can't recall. I think the company is called Waves, Splash, Tsunami or something water related.


EDIT: Its called Ripple- I knew it was water related! :P

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