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Ripple Expanding into China!

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3 hours ago, Hodor said:

This tweet was just sent out by Emi Yoshikawa from Ripple:


I swear something has to give, to make ripple price go up, every week im hearing good news about it,  Hodor i know nothing just like Jon Snow, so maybe if you speak to Melisandre, she might give us some insight of when price will rocket because the Lannister up in the house of bitcoin want to take the glory for themselve.

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30 minutes ago, Xrphunter said:

China wil be the next target of ripple specially if xi jin ping aggreed. ?

Chinese Government is in cooperation with Ant Financial/Alipay....
Ant has a pending purchase of MoneyGram...
SBI has an alliance with MoneyGram...
Ant Financial has $200 M investment with Kakao bank...
Ripple is hiring for Chinese market...


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