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Missing XRP Gatehub


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Like I said before, I'm new to this and have a very small (somewhat experimental at this stage) XRP wallet on Gatehub. 


This morning, I logged on and my balance had dropped by about 3 XRP. Does this normally happen and if so, why? Thanks.

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56 minutes ago, cap said:

Did you make any transactions? (Place a buy order, for example, even if it didn't go through.) Did you check your transaction history?

No transactions. Quantity of XRP just dropped about 3 XRP overnight. Not a significant amount but I'm wanting to know what's going on. 2 Factor Verification is on.


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2 hours ago, Mercury said:

Are you sure this was your actual XRP balance our you projected net worth?


Not sure. Like I said, I'm brand new at this. It was on the home page where in the white field in the middle of the screen it reads; XRP xxxx.xxxxx

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