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Ripple Coin A big rumor in Korea!

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49 minutes ago, antripple said:

Hi, I'm korean


The ripple coin responded today.



This is a rumor and it is not true yet.


Kakao is a big company in Korea. kakao has created a new bank. That 'kakao Bank'

The kakao bank has the advantage that it is very cheap to send money abroad.

It is rumored that the kakao bank uses ripple technology.


It may be rumor but it is a big rumor now in Korea.


This may be true.


1. In kakao Bank's overseas remittance, the commission is 8,000 krw for Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.

Do you know what's suspicious? Japan, Thailand and the Philippines !

Currently Japan and Thailand are using the first ripple transfer.


2. kakao Bank uses City group's WorldLink network

City group is currently a member of R3 and R3 is collaborating with Ripple.



If this turns out to be true, you can expect a big rise. Now Koreans are looking forward to it.

Thank you antripple, I always look forward to the information you provide, with the insights you provide on Korea.


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Yea, by the way, I noticed that at the time of the XRP boom today, the live XRP Twitter feed contained many Koreans tweets, basically tweeting similar things, but because Twitter's decided to use Bing (ffs) as the default translator I couldn't understand much (and was too lazy to start c/p-ing it into Google Translate).

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31 minutes ago, Woestekip said:


Alibaba Group/Ant Financial will invest $200 million in the mobile payment subsidiary of Kakao Corp.

Alibaba Group/Ant Financial owns MoneyGram.

MoneyGram will use ripple.

Will Kakao use ripple? It seems logical. Time will tell.

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Do you really know MoneyGram will use Ripple? 

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