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Which plateform to use


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Dear all,


I m a new member living in France. I m wondering which plateform I may use for buying some ripple. For now I m using avatrade but I don t trust them .. they put some limit of open position yesterday so I don t imagine what they will do when the xrp will goes up ...

If you can help me on this 


many thanks 

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bitstamp is a good place to start. i stored my xrp there for a little under a month & then i moved to gatehub.com because bitstamp isn't actually a wallet its an exchange, exchanges aren't safe. 

if you dont want to wait 3days or more for the money to be deposited i suggest using coinbase to buy the ltc equivalent of xrp you want and using shapeshift.io to send it to your bitstamp address. (dont forget destination tag) 

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avoid gatehub for now, sad to say as i used to use them but right now they're a disaster

bitstamp and kraken are popular choices

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