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I really hope none got burned on BitcoinCash, as it will continue to fall further.  

Ripple XRP has remained stable and should see stable growth a slow ride unless the big boys come a swinging. When they do be ready for major up's, downs, swings.  Wen this happens XRP will be in major upswing positive zones and will have major down swings from short sellers manipulators.

Its a case of when and not if. XRP has amazing backing and fundamentals that the others don't have. So get ready for a big RollerCoaster ride. I'm on it with you my friends going big for .25, .50, .75,1.00 Then Bounce Mode ??? $25,$50,$100!

Once XRP hits over $1.00 I suspect it will bounce all over in an uptrend to 5.00 then 10 and possibly 15. 

I suspect burnt out Metals traders are going to move in soon that's been a cluster F for a while and the traders from India are looking to move in on new territory. BTC, ETH is too expensive for them now and BitCoinCash has too much risk at too high a cost. 

XRP Ripple is still at levels we can all profit  immensely. 

I suspect lots of investors ie the big boys got burned hard on BitcoinCash. Please see chart!



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I wouldn't be so sure that BCH will crash. Keep in mind that the mining difficulty was adjusted (lowered) making it roughly 1/6 of the BTC difficulty.

As of now, the price needs to get up to 600$ to make it more profitable to mine BCH, but I think the difficulty might be lowered again in the near future (correct me if I'm wrong). At that point I'd imagine more hash power will be brought into BCH so I wouldn't be surprised if the price goes up significantly.

Nevertheless, I think it's an extremely risky investment at this point in time, but it might prove to be worth it.

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