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Problem accessing XRP Chat Wallet account 1.4.0-rc3


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Hi all. Hoping someone can help. I have been using XRP Chat Wallet 1.4.0-rc3, downloaded from bithomp.com. Now, I cannot open the account via the Console. 

I have the Console 'online'. I can also see the 'Server Stettings' ok. 

I can view the balance of my wallet in 'Cold Wallet' section.

However, when i click on 'Open Account', I get an error saying 'Wallet file of password is wrong'. 

Now, i know 100% that my password is correct, so i suspect its an issue with the Wallet File. The account points to a file, example C:\Files\Ripple Wallet (which  seems to be a 1kb file). 

Is it pointing to the wrong source? OR am i missing something stupid? 

Appreciate any help you guys offer. Thanks a lot : )

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