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Song of the Day 2017-08-04


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Why? Why not! A couple of us have been posting songs related the actual mood we were, the market was, related to news, etc.

I thought it could be fun to revisit those songs in a couple of months to remember the "feeling". This is very subjective, and any comments suggestion, debate over what would have been a better song of the day is always welcome.

So to start, I can't think of a better tune then the "Waiting Room" by Fugazi. The video is also relevant to the subject, feels like the Zerpbox sometimes :dance4:

We've waiting so many years to see something happening...and when it's just there, we're still waiting for the real big something happening. 


Disclaimer. I will post here some of the songs we've posted on the chat in the past. If I can remember who had the idea, I will give that person credit for sure. @rippleric your's on the list :)



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Blurred lines is one of my favorite songs. And there are some similarities perhaps. Some people like it, other people (like on reddit) really hate it.
And when I was writing a post about the blurring lines in the fintech, guess which song came up in my mind?



The line between finance and other industries is blurring, as upstart businesses from other fields keep on innovating (Nikkei)


I also think that 'Hey hey hey' was originally 'X - R - P!' -> I know you want it

So yes I can play this song pretty much anytime I want no matter what the xrp market does. Blurred linesssss. X-R-P! I know you want it.

(not sure wether the remaining lyrics are in favor of XRP, I don't really 'hate these blurred lines' in the fintech at all, but perhaps some banks do since they are forced to be competitive again)

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