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Gatehub 2FA problems


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The Gatehub sign-in page seems to be changed. Now the username/password and verification-code pages are combined into one.

The problem though, it's not working: I cannot sign-in! And there is no error shown whatsoever, just redirects me to the same form.

I am using the same verification code from Google Authenticator like I always did.

Anyone having the same problem?


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1 minute ago, nexus5 said:

How can I request device verification in Chrome?


Open Chrome and try to login to Gatehub as usual.

After you input your email and password, you'll be asked to enter the 2FA as usual. A request to verify your device will pop up and an email will be send to your email with a confirmation link.

I think what happens next is self explanatory. 

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If you get a email on a iOS device I think it defaults to opening a. Safari browser when you click a link...   that has bitten me on other sites using chrome on iPad and email verification link opens safari with a different session id and hilarity ensues....

i wonder if something similar is happening to you?

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3 minutes ago, nexus5 said:

No, I have the same behaviour on Chrome. I see the form with all 3 fields, if I scroll to the top, it says that it sent an email but I didn't receive any email.

Very annoying...

That's strange. Sorry...I'm out of advices.

Left Safari , Right Chrome

Screen Shot 2017-08-04 at 22.15.31.png

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