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I developed and designed a RippleWallet, code open source.


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3 minutes ago, Ripplezzzz said:

Looks great but because this is not previously discussed on this forum, it's value will be pretty low until fully tested and trusted to be honest.


I hope you test my ripplewallet code.I have another ripple softeware,http://www.rippleok.com/  open code source https://github.com/lieefu/rippleok  RippleOK is a web application that is used to query verbose information of ripple ledger.Including account transaction gateway and trade price of XRP etc. RippleOk UI language is English and Chinese.

Screenshot from 2017-08-02 15-56-45.png

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11 hours ago, Hodor said:

@lieefu This is great - thanks for adding a wallet to the ecosystem.   :JC_doubleup:

Is there a github doc that talks about its features; I'm wondering if it supports escrow, etc...?

It is not supports escrow now . I will add new features to next release,payment channel and escrow.First release,I designed base function of wallet and supported Chinese gateway.

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14 hours ago, Omnius said:

Hi lieefu, seems the EURO exchange rate on the therock is very high? Is this an error? Or should I go sell some of my XRP there? ;-)

EURO exchange rate has been so, I do not know why. All exchange rate data is quoted from ripple ledger chain.

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5 minutes ago, Ripplezzzz said:

Is there an English version in development?

I plan to add angular i18n, XML Localization Interchange File Format (XLIFF, version 1.2). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/XLIFF#Editors , E.g 

<trans-unit id="introductionHeader" datatype="html">
  <source>Hello i18n!</source>
  <target>¡Hola i18n!</target>
  <note priority="1" from="description">An introduction header for this sample</note>
  <note priority="1" from="meaning">User welcome</note>

Language data and code separation, to achieve multi-language support will become very easy.

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40 minutes ago, lieefu said:

First release,I designed base function of wallet and supported Chinese gateway.

Understood!  That's great that you have plans for escrow at some point - I can't wait to see it!  :yes3:

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