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Coinbase slooooooow for anyone else ?

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Just for everyones reference ... I'm 45 hours in and my XBT (Sorry, i made a mistake in this thread and said btc. It was Bitcoin) is STILL in Pending.

I've sent them direct messages on twitter, emailed them 5 times and nothing.

There is not a day on earth where I would ever use Coinbase again. I missed highs, Bitcoin Cash, and a few good buying opportunities for XRP

Fair warning to all. Coinbase customer service is NON-EXISTENT.

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4 days now and my bitcoin purchase is still in pending. NO response to over 7 email and 5 DMs on twitter. Customer service is non existent.

I feel like I have been ripped off. I missed bitcoin cash, as well as many ups and downs of bitcoin and XRP ...

I'll never get compensated by Coinbase, and at this point don't even know if I'll get my money from them.


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