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Gatehub down?


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12 minutes ago, Lanncer said:

Yes, they have had technical difficulties all day. <_<


9 minutes ago, Luschka said:

and people suggest for me to keep my XRP there ?

Obvious why I don't now? :)

 suggest both you get ledgerr nano s if no money stay and just hope or move them to bitstamp or ripplex,  never used it please do your research about ripplex

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Just now, Luschka said:

if you are referring to Rippex, this is what I use for ALL of my XRP. Works perfectly !

good never used it but hell yeah why dont you make a thread about yhour experience, lots of new members who like to move from gatehub from now, atleast its working now, 2h ago   nothing was workingl.

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