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Trouble sending funds out of paper wallet


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Hi gals and guys

I'm having trouble sending funds out of a paper wallet:

I bought 350 XRP on bitstamp, created a paper wallet and sent 250 XRP to my newly generated public key raysN6WHAEcqYGoswar556v7CGJ5poTb6X. As far as I've understood, this deposit should activate my wallet.
Now I've downloaded jatchili's minimalist client, punched in my secret key, hit "set identity", conected to ripple and tried to send my 250 XRP back to bitstamp. (Curiously my account balance in jatchili's is quoted as 250 million instead of just 250.) When I  hit "send" I get the following error-response:

""engine_result":"tecUNFUNDED_PAYMENT","engine_result_code":104,"engine_result_message":"Insufficient XRP balance to send."

I subsequently tried lower amounts such as "249999950" or just "250"with jatchili's, to no avail.

I then checked on my public key using https://ripple.com/build/ripple-info-tool/ and can see my failed transactions there. Can someone help me out what I am missing and how I can move my 250 XRP back into bitstamp?

Thanks a bunch

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An account can not have the final 20 XRP sent out of it ( the account reserve )

assuming you have no trust lines, you will only be able to send 229 XRP back ( leave some room for the transaction fee )

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