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Gatehub Fifth: Static or Dynamic BTC Addresses?


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I recently sent btc from my coinbase wallet to my gatehub fifth wallet.  I used the same btc address I have been using for months, but the btc never made it. When I checked out the associated address, I realized that my btc gatehub fifth address had changed. Does anyone know anything about this? No other transactions have ever been sent to my original btc gatehub fifth address, but I have no access to it......  

I put in a ticket with gatehub over a week ago and have yet to hear anything back. Hoping not to lose my .23 btc 

@enej @gatehub

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Anyone have any answers to this question? I have sent in another support ticket after not hearing back after two weeks...... 

I have been really happy with gatehub thus far, but I am starting to feel like its time to cut my ties.

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