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Designing the Medium to Fit the Message


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Excellent idea @Ripplezzzz, I am also grooving on some of the media assets used on the new ripplenetwork.


leonardo-da-vinci-vitruvian-man.thumb.jpg.fadb431e624e201616821c1930344c04.jpgIMG_0161.thumb.PNG.9f16f045a95e582db797e0c5733eb7de.PNG.85008118c1638f1be418e9531c22f3f6.PNGI also like the second photo @TiffanyHayden took. Makes me think of the sketch of Man by da Vinci- just a ripple take.

Da Vinci's illustrations and designs were in part an inspiration for the Pioneer plaque's- a message from earth to potential other intelligent beings.

I feel there might be something here- a tentative connection at least. A basic design that illustrates a basic concept to be used as a message to others who may know nothing about ripple...1024px-Pioneer_plaque_svg.thumb.png.99612949fe6d9d9753eb5056d31e803a.png



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If you have not done so please visit this post:


I mention I will personally purchase one coin for use in the MoonBox. Some additional facts and info:

For the first batch I will purchase a silver coin. If the batch sells incredibly fast (before the MoonBox deadline) I am willing to partner with other member to upgrade this to a gold version.

In the event we do not meet the pre-order limits we will revert back to a paper wallet as designed by the community- the MoonBox has been purchased and will be sent be assured- it is not held hostage to the coins success :P

Also note that in the near future a paper wallet that can pre loaded will also be released. Ideally the art work will also come form the community- perhaps one of the deigns already released

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