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Designing the Medium to Fit the Message


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Initial fundraising targets have been met, the project is a GO!

Note: The fundraiser is still open, but we are guaranteed at least the smallest MoonBox option.

With that in hand lets turn our minds to the next stage- what goes in the box. I knew the size was small but didn't realize HOW small until I printed out and glued together the handy paper models Astrobotics provides.

I took a few photos to illustrate (sorry for the low lighting).

size1.jpg.4e1d412c06522c8ace0020123c61c31d.jpgThe photo on the left and right are the largest width possible to the smallest. Rather than increasing width MoonBox's mostly scales depth. Of course the price for each increased size increases as well.

I tried finding everyday objects so forum members everywhere would have a comparison (a maple syrup can might not work size2.jpg.ca5f93dbefc362e54b0c4caac4aa166c.jpgfor our Aussie cousins), the best example I could find was a raisin. 

The smallest size (the one the raisin is beside) is the current selection. This provided an immediate challenge of WHAT we could fit in the box. Since I put forward a paper wallet that is what I started with.

After several tries the best size I came up with was 10 cm (3.9") by 4 cm (1.6"), see below. message1.jpg.eb86d3d1d6ac3958292f2bb36e242a70.jpg

This provides enough space to print the ripple address, some sort of graphic and the list of donors on the back.message2.jpg.f0dcf0a27252b214a933639ca0b5c7d5.jpg

I stuck to normal paper and didn't do any fancy cutouts, advanced folding techniques or methods.


I am opening up the challenge to the community, there are two parts:

  1. See if you can fit a bigger piece of paper/ design
  2. ARTWORK. Make something that will be immortal

Artwork Rules

  • The back is reserved for donor names
  • The front has to leave space for a clear ripple address
  • Must be tasteful
  • Illustrate ripple and/or XRP and/or community and/or the moon
  • All rights/ usage belongs to the project and community
  • Must not be copyrighted or reused artwork
  • Anything else is good to go!!

Ideally there will be several entries and closer to the time we can vote on a winner.

NOTE: There is a good chance we will use the winner design to promote the project

DEADLINE: Will be ordering the MoonBox after Aug 27 and they say expect 2-5 weeks to ship. Tentatively early to mid Sept. So lots of time. I will promote this more heavily closer to the time.



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Some wallet samples I just did a quick mock up with. Keeping it simple and plain. I made these on a 10x4 cm sheet so the font IS readable.

walletback1.thumb.gif.11b94a95eaa1b56b1c7d19c5be34b717.gifwalletback2.thumb.gif.f478a55e4eed5b37d563cebc6e31314b.gifThe first two (left and right) are the back of the wallets. I know the comment on the moon shot one is cheesy, but it is a start! As per the donation page the names are for all those that made the level 2 bonus (I think it was everyone!). If your missing or I got the name wrong give me a shout.

The next two are the front. Again I went with basic designs. The first ones 'art' is a word cloud art using Ripples XRP documents found on their website. The second was the combination of several royalty free vectors to form a sense of moving crowds over top a network (ie. ripples). The fading from the community logo to ripples's to show one flowing into the other. I am sure I can come up with more symbolism, but it is getting late :P Note as per Ripples mark and name copyright I may have to swap out their logo for the 'built on ripple' badge or some other modifier (unless they give us the green light to use the logo).




I have not created it, it is not connected to this, it is simple a placeholder. If you do see it on the network someone just swiped it and is attempting to scam people.


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8 hours ago, Dennis said:

In the promo let's not say we crammed it in a box the size of a raisin, haha.


Love the bottom one from the first post, and I like this one too, but it may be too busy.

I was in my cities tourist market and there were a bunch of stalls offering to write your name on a grain of rice and I totally spooked one owner with technical questions.

We are on track to go up one size as well, I was thinking of keeping the paper size the same but perhaps a more durable product- I will explain more in the update section.


I agree the last one was getting too busy. Had a $20 bill in front of me and tried to match all the features and designs. I have more appreciation for currency artists!

FYI the statues head is Luna, the Roman goddess of the moon. The landing site is translated to lake of death., which is cool, but not an easy subject to work into a positive forward message!

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To avoid duplication of work I am posting the link to the 2theMoon folder I created with all the various elements I used. Some are .psd, .ai, .gif files. Feel free to modify, add or swap out for your own designs. Also feel free to save your own stuff to the folder.

Going forward I will attempt to keep the creation process a little bit more organized :P Currently it was a haphazard approach, the .psd file for example has all of the first batch.


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First time posting and wanted to contribute to the great community here! I whipped up a design to submit for the MoonBox project, hope it can be of use in this cool idea. 

PSD File: 

https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B8WNF64PhlfQeXdyNXdxMGcwbm8/view?usp=sharing / https://www.dropbox.com/s/unio9gmcf0eaab6/ak1lz-xrpchat-moonbox-design.psd?dl=0

Preview: Yes that's my XRP wallet address used for formatting purposes, it can be swapped out easily in the PSD.



All artwork and images used were labeled for reuse with modification.

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Tried to fit in the Ripple logo elements as @TiffanyHayden captured with pictures while in the office building. San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge represents the bridging of currencies, the path to the moon and is located in HQ city. The water got some ripples for sure.

The network elements in the middle represent the speed of Ripple, behind it a faint image of a triskelion is there and the Ripple logo to support it all.

Text '2 the moon' doesn't need explanation. ;)

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