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The Moon, a Shared Heritage


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The moon can be viewed by everyone on Earth and has spawned countless mythos, legends, and stories. It was used as a guide for explorers and a familiar sight for those far from home.  It's beauty has been the muse for poems and songs, and besides the Sun no other heavenly body has impacted humans more. In modern times the moon spearheaded some of the greatest technological endeavours and we once again reach for the stars by embracing our nearest celestial neighbour.

In the future when you look up will you smile knowing you put a little piece of history there?

However, there is a problem. While XRPChat is the single largest ripple community (official or not), there is large segments of the community who are not present. Mostly our newest members from Asia. The moon is their shared heritage as well, and has strong meaning in their culture.

Therefore I am calling all members who hail from Asian countries, speak the language, or know someone who does to reach out and let them know of this initiative. Lets try make this the first modern pan ripple community effort!

If you are from an Asian country or speak the language feel free to apply to be an 'officer', ambassador or spokesperson in the Duties and Officers section.


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