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NeoX similar to ILP?

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From here : https://github.com/neo-project/docs/blob/master/en-us/index.md#cross-chain-interoperability-agreement-neox


Cross-chain asset exchange agreement:

NeoX has been extended on existing double-stranded atomic asset exchange protocols to allow multiple participants to exchange assets across different chains and to ensure that all steps in the entire transaction process succeed or fail together. In order to achieve this function, we need to use NeoContract function to create a contract account for each participant. If other blockchains are not compatible with NeoContract, they can be compatible with NeoX as long as they can provide simple smart contract functionality.

Sounds pretty much like ILP.

Questions in my mind - will there be competing protocols as eco-systems develop? Will there eventually be one protocol that would dominate, or multiple protocols with overlapping use-cases and participants? Perhaps similar and overlapping protocol may eventually come to an agreement and merge?

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