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Duties and Officers


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To make sure that the community takes this on as a project I was thinking of spreading some work around. 

Maybe someone can be in charge of:

  • promotion?
  • education?
  • blackhole wallet/ vanity address creation?
  • country/ cultural ambassador?
  • blogging?
  • Other?

If you think this is a good idea, want to head a spot or nominate someone comment below.

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16 minutes ago, TiffanyHayden said:

I'm definitely willing to help, but I can't take this on exclusively. I get really bogged down at times and drop out of society to try and catch up.

No problem. The occasional tweet is more than enough. Hmmm... lets see... if @Hodor is a Minister, and your doing some evangelical work you should get a more ecclesiastical sounding name... Her Excellency of Moon Messages and Tweets.

Feel free to be a recruiter and give your deputies titles.


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12 minutes ago, Dennis said:

I would like to be in charge of stating when a good idea is good, and deflecting FUD with my anti-fud-super-logic- ray gun.  

I'm thinking "minister of rebuttals " or "chief acknowledger of the obvious"

Maybe a High Commissioner of Truth,  Chief Inquisitor or something, the ray gun poses a challenge though- we could branch out to the first Lunar Defence Force titles I suppose. ..

How about Captain Obvious with his trusty Hammer of Common Sense and Shield of Fud-Busters?

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Is it an idea to have a contest in the name of this club?

Maybe search the web for XRP allied (or other) sites and pick a monthly 'winner'. The moon club members will all go to that site and comment on that great site after chief mercury have congratulated them first with their site of the month award and give the site a 'Like bomb' or 'Email bomb'?

Small thing, great reach I hope? Like a bit of marketing for this club as well.

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Forgot to mentions (although it is on the clubs calendar) that this closes this upcoming Sun. I would like at least a core of 5-7 members to be the brain trust, and would love some new blood (newbies, casual visitors, lurkers and  critically shy).

I am not afraid to start nominating...

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