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This club is to organize, track and participate in the project sending the XRP to the moon. The overall goals of the project are thus; to promote and educate various aspects of XRP and the ripple network.

To make sure these goals are met I will be establishing some timeline and targets to keep the project on track. I also want to promote this as a community project so will periodically put out polls and socialite feedback.


The rough timeline in reverse chronological order:

late 2019- follow up (I have some kickass promo ideas...) IDENTICAL MEDALLIONS STRUCK TO MATCH THE ONE ON THE MOON

2019- share moon wallet and XRP journey success to media and other communities

2019- Allocated XRP sent to the moon wallet (I really like this idea)

2019- Moon lander with MoonBoox containing paper wallet lands on the moon

2018- 2nd fundraising round to raise funds to allocate to the moon wallet

late 2017- poll to agree on best total amount to send to moon wallet COMMUNITY EXPRESSED DESIRE FOR 2019- MATCHING THE YEAR

2017- Paper moon wallet is created and returned to MoonBox for inclusion in the the moon lander PHYSICAL MEDALLION IS SENT

2017- contest for best wallet artwork PHYSICAL MEDALLION MINTED

Aug 29, 2017- Order Moonbox DONE

Aug 27, 2017- 1st fundraiser round to raise funds to acquire MoonBox TARGET MET

Aug 6, 2017- project duties and officer nominations/ voting DONE, NEW OFFICERS CAN STILL BE APPOINTED THOUGH

July 27, 2017- project briefing DONE

Each rough timeline point will receive its own post as it comes up. 


To fulfill education goals this will remain an open project with posts/ blogs on all steps taken, needed to meet goals (creation of a cold wallet, address re-keying etc.)


Since this project spans a few years I know interest will wax and wane. To keep it going I am going to really push we set timeline/ goals and keep them. This allows strong focus in short bursts for attention and then periods of quiet that members can focus on other things.


Club rules: 

Keep it polite and fun, this is a community project. No contribution is too small and all members are welcomed.

No speculation, this is a physical to the moon project, not a hypothetical price guessing game.

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