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Gatehub Double Wallet Overcomplicated


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Lots of people are complaining that gatehub is complicated.

What I see overcomplicated is the existence of two wallets (hosted and Ripple) and I absolutely don't see the point.
Moreover only from Ripple wallets you can trade, while only from hosted wallets you can make SEPA. WHY?!

Isn't simpler to generate only one Ripple wallet and the hosted is only internal to Gatehub but not handled by customers? The Ripple account can be generated without XRP on it, and as soon as the user deposit funds you can use part of the funds to buy 50 XRP to fund automatically.
Then when users want to trade, the IOUs on Ripple account are used, while if customers want to do SEPA, the system can automatically send IOUs back to Gatehub issuer (redeem) with the particular TAG, and the system make a SEPA, without overcomplicated stuff as: funds from wallet ripple to hosted, then make SEPA.
People goes crazy.

Or is there a real motivation?


PS: and what is XRP.Gatehub currency I see on my hosted wallet???

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11 minutes ago, yxxyun said:

And gatehub use Google font, Google is blocked in China, so it's difficult to access gatehub in China, needs VPN.

It is really difficult to access gatehub in China because of the Google font? Why the font substitution (with generic sans-serif) doesn't work?


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