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Ripple Desktop Wallet / Error message when purchasing XRP


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Hi all,

First I apologize for my english.
When buying XRP via the Ripple Desktop Wallet, I get error message attached. I would like to buy XRP via "XRP / USD Bitstamp". If I dierekt over https://gatehub.net/ trade, I get also an error message.
What am I doing wrong?

Thanks now for the help.




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Hard to say just from this. I recall seeing something like this when I inserted bad numbers, e.g. wrong decimal point symbol (should be dot ".") or zero/negative value. Would you mind showing your inputs before you submit them?

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4 hours ago, Kenzzo said:


I have tried both suggestions. But the error message is the same. Another idea?

error message II.PNG

As you can see from the green text field, you are trying to buy $29.805 USD for 5 USD.  The transaction is malformed because you're trying to buy and sell the same exact asset.  It's actually nothing you did, it's a bug in the desktop wallet.  Just make sure when you're  filling out the text fields, the text field doesn't change to USD for USD and you'll be fine.

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