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Starting a new thread to keep things clean. If anyone can help we should be able to get this filled out and submitted. I think we need to consider what image we want to use for the token. I know it seems trivial, but human beings can be goofy sometimes and a good logo matters, anyway just my 2c


CoinMarketCap.com Request Form

* Required

What is the name and ticker symbol of the coin?


What is the coin's official website?


Which exchanges is it traded on? (Required for listing; Exchange must have a public API) *



Please provide a URL that shows the total supply of coins in real time.

For example, Dogecoin's total supply of coins can be found at: http://dogechain.info/chain/Dogecoin/q/totalbc


How many coins are held by the creators, developers, or are reserved for other purposes. Provide block explorer links if applicable. ***Required for market cap ranking***


Please provide a URL of the coin's official logo:


Twitter Account (Optional)


Reddit Account (Optional)


Please provide any other information that would be useful.

e.g. announcement thread links, mining algorithms, etc.


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Can we use your webpage as the official website?

What is going on with the escrow?

Could we rename the token or is it locked, if it would increase the utility in getting it listed?



I am happy to work on getting this submitted but i need some help with the technical questions like:

url of total real time supply 

Gatehup api

Coins held by creator

Block explorer link

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Yes for my website.

Some users still haven't extended trust, they'll get their PRX once they do.

Token name is locked.

URL of total supply can be seen through bithomp and selecting the issuing address.

I didn't hold any of the coins originally, bought some on the secondary market.

Blockexplorer link could be to bithomp.

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