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Poll: Whats the ONE most important thing the Ripple ecosystem needs to grow right now?

Whats the ONE most important thing the Ripple ecosystem needs to grow the user base right now?  

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  1. 1. Assuming limited resources, if you were the head of Ripple, where would you turn your attention?

    • An official, trusted wallet
    • Easy access for US customers to buy XRP (such as coinbase)
    • Public endorsement of XRP by a bank/banks
    • Third party developer incentives/support
    • A focus by Ripple (Inc) on retail use cases
    • Creating more FI interest through incentives and events (RIBOS anyone?)
    • Other (state below if you like)

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"Whats the ONE most important thing the Ripple ecosystem needs to grow right now?" Time.

I'm curious.. if you were Ripple, where would you turn your attention. Assuming only limited resources, but no old FINCEN restrictions.

2. Public endorsement by banks (second vote) i think this will takes time but who knows...

Guest dfault123

Currently the biggest things to improve IMO:

XRP needs more liquidity and easier accessibility. 

RCL needs those trusted third party validators.

I think the rest will take care of itself. If banks endorse XRP in public, that'd probably supercharge the will to implement XRP trading among exchanges.

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I'm not sure they need a bank to publicly use XRP just yet, but use by some medium-large FI that paths payments through XRP in one way or another for cross-border/cross-asset payments would be helpful. I also contend that implementing ILP among exchanges would be helpful because it would showcase XRP as an excellent and rapid asset for value transfer.

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@karlos RIBOS got my attention and imagination, but I like all the ideas.  I can see people are very hungry for public endoresements, which is understandable. 

I think making it easier for people to get on board faster is key as well.  I would love to see a Ripple-endorsed desktop wallet (or even Ripple-reviewed), even though I know the likelihood is quite low. 

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4 minutes ago, GreyAndroidGravy said:

How about a Ripple created wallet? -see Ripple Desktop Client

They got out of the wallet business for a reason - they want nothing to do with running KYC or AML functions after their FINCEN violation. 

Ripple is one of the only fintec companies that is a business based in the US.  This means that it's an easy target for regulators.  I hate to say it, but government bureaucrats go for the low-hanging fruit rather than try to chase down a non-profit based in Switzerland.  Ripple has got to be careful... very careful. 

But they could still in theory review code, right?  :yes3:

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@Hodor They did get out of the wallet business, but they left behind a functioning wallet.  I still have my initial XRP purchase (which recently gifted me with XLM) and use it to this day.

I'm right there with you on the regulators, and I'm glad that Ripple dealt with that early and easily!  I really think that will do nothing but help them out in the long run. Any attention by said bureaucrats can only be a good thing, as it will give Ripple a chance to make any correction and further their position as #XRPthestandard

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@karlos I voted for "Public endorsement of XRP by a bank/banks" but one step further.

Despite various sources of clarification, there remain lingering questions among general investors/to-be whether (1) banks will actually use XRP when they use the Ripple Solution, and (2) (if yes) whether that will dramatically raise the XRP price.

Once both of these actually happen even in a modest scale and in a limited geographical area, that would trigger ensuing floods and avalanches and spikes. The first batch of such earthquakes is most likely to occur in Japan within the coming months, now that the Japanese Consortium representing 80% of the total assets of the world 3rd largest economy has started to countdown.  

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