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Ripple Data-api setup


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Has anybody tried setting up rippled data-api? 
I tried deploying data-api from https://github.com/ripple/rippled-historical-database/tree/develop but the deployment documentation is quite confusing . Somehow i manage to run it on server. But I have two problems: 
1. importing historical data - historical data is quite big and somewhere in the middle of importing it throws hbase-client timeout exception
2. fetching exchanges. - I can get exchanges using
https://<my server>/v2/exchanges/XRP/JPY+r94s8px6kSw1uZ1MV98dhSRTvc6VMPoPcN?limit=1000&start=2017-07-23T04:30:00&end=2017-07-24T04:30:00
but when i tried aggregating it with interval using 
https://<my server>/v2/exchanges/XRP/JPY+r94s8px6kSw1uZ1MV98dhSRTvc6VMPoPcN?limit=1000&interval=1day&start=2017-07-23T04:30:00&end=2017-07-24T04:30:00 returns nothing .
I tried using the public data-api and it returns something. 

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