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How to use the funds in bitstamp after migrating to gatehub.net


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I got bit of money in bitstamp that i used to convert in the past to get btc and then xrp but since i migrated to gatehub.net i believe i cant use that.. is that correct..if its possible plz tell me steps to do that on gatehub.net...

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It's exactly the same as before:

  1. Login at bitstamp
  2. Go to withdrawal
  3. Put you ripple address (the ripple one, not the hosted)
  4. Put the amount of USD or BTC you want to withdrawal
  5. Enjoy

You'll have to your account USD.Bitstamp or BTC.bitstamp that you can trade in gatehub trade screen selecting the right issuer.

PS: you may have to extend the trust to Bitstamp, but if you already was using their IOUs with the same account, probably you don't need to (if you write your address I can check for you).

PPS: for sake of knowledge: the client you use (gatehub in this case) doesn't block the full potential of Ripple accounts. It is just a way to simplify life to users, having a nice UI to show balances and to submit transactions, but you still can do everything with your account (having balances of IOUs of different issuers, trade whatever IOUs, issue your own IOUs, use the Ripple pathfinding,...)

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